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Director // Writer // Creative Consultant

Director // Writer // Creative Consultant



I am a freelance theatre and film director, writer, creative consultant and facilitator. 

I'm the one on the right in the photo above!

My work is political, personal, collaborative and also playful. 

I am passionate about making art which invites us to have nuanced, progressive and difficult conversations about things that seem stuck, complicated or can be polarising.

I am interested in stories and voices that have been under-represented – and reaching audiences who have been under-represented too. I am particularly interested in women’s stories and smashing patriarchal norms.

From 2006-21, I was co-founder/artistic director of award-winning theatre company 20 Stories High, making ground-breaking theatre productions and TV adaptations including “I Told my Mum I was going on an RE Trip…” (BBC) - a verbatim piece about young women’s abortion experiences, and Buttercup (BBC) - a lyrical one-woman performance, exploring surviving sexual abuse.


Since leaving the company, I have been collaborating with some brilliant organisations including: Everyman Playhouse, Shakespeare North Playhouse, Unity, Home, Storyhouse, Contact, Manchester Jewish Museum, The Neighborhood (Brooklyn), Multi-Story Orchestra, Theatre by the Lake, Content is Queen, Frozen Charlotte, University of Manchester. And with inspiring artists including: Afreena Islam-Wright, Hafsah Aneela Bashir, Saphena Aziz, Amy Vreeke, Brodie Arthur and Keisha Thompson. 

I am also proud to be on the board of Heart of Glass.


Please click on the images below for information about selected creative projects

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