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Photos: Robert Day

Writer: Philip Osment

Director: Julia Samuels

Designer: Anna-Marie Hainsworth

Musical Director/Composer: Keith Saha

Performers: Annabel Annan-Jonathan, Grace Willis, Jacob Beswick, Joseph Adelakun

Produced by 20 Stories High

Unity Theatre Liverpool and national schools/venues tour (2013)


What happens when you’re in a hole?
What happens when that hole’s inside you?
What do you fill it with to make yourself feel whole?

Last year, 3 teenagers emailed 20 Stories High to ask if they could make a play about their friend Holly. This is how it unravelled….

Teenagers: …So that’s our story and we really want to tell it… and we want to play ourselves… cos actors wouldn’t really be as convincing as us…
20 Stories High: It’s a very moving story… but we’ve got loads on at the moment… we’re really sorry…
Teenagers: But we really want to tell this story…it’s important. It says on your website that “Everybody’s got a story to tell… and their own way of telling it…” We thought you’d help us…
20 Stories High: OK …well, come back in a year, when we’re less busy, and let’s talk…

One Year Later…

This is the play we made with them… WHOLE… with live music and outspoken truths…

Reviews & Awards

"This immaculately integrated one of the most hard-hitting and moving pieces of theatre for young audiences I've ever seen... a remarkable piece of very good theatre. See it if you possibly can."

The Stage ****

Liverpool Sound and Vision *****

Philip Osment won the 2014 WGGB Award for Best Play for Young People


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