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Photos: Robert Day

Writer: Laurence Wilson

Director: Julia Samuels

Designer: Sophia Lovell-Smith

Composer/Sound Designer: Keith Saha

Performers: Leon Tagoe, Nicola Bentley, Shaun Mason

Produced by 20 Stories High in association with Everyman Playhouse

National schools and venue tours (2009 & 2011)

Kerrie sets about her daily task of preparing Mum’s heroin…
Jakey has had enough of life in the crew…
Cameron is too scared to step outside the front door…

One morning, the three teenagers discover a note in the Frosties.
Mum has abandoned them: they have been left home alone…

BLACKBERRY TROUT FACE is a bold, gritty and funny play, which explores the universal themes of family, loyalty and ambition. With sharply-drawn characters, crackling dialogue, and plenty of humour, we follow three young people as they struggle to cope in exceptional circumstances.


Winner of the Brian Way Award 2010 (for the UK’s best new play for young people)

Shortlisted for the Manchester Evening News Award for Best New Play 2010

Archive Film

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