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(a work-in-progress)

Photos: Sonia Khlalid

Writer/Performer: Hafsah Aneela Bashir

Director/Dramaturg: Julia Samuels

Audio Visuals: Amy J Townsend-Lowcock

Soundscape: Kirstie Henderson 

Work-in-Progress shared at Ukranian Community Centre Rochdale (Sept 2023)

A unique performance event created by writer and performer Hafsah Aneela Bashir.

Set within a dholki night, amidst the joyous, communal singing of traditional folk songs, drumming and clapping...Hafsah interweaves a story.


Based on real life experiences of marriage, divorce and mental health, her storytelling is witty, captivating, and moving.


4 Dholis and a Divorce was commissioned by Manchester Independents, supported by the Royal Exchange, mental health charity Awakening Minds and SICK! Festival.


4 Dholis & a Divorce will be further developed in 2024, so look out for more performances coming soon!

Audience Feedback

“You left people happy, sad, in love, out of love...full of hope”

“I know this play is going global as its relatable content was not only embedded in culture, but so true to all who watched in awe and anticipation”

“You have helped every single lady at the venue today”

“The way you have given ALL the generations of Pakistani women a platform, a voice and the power to be felt! I will never forget every moment, every word. I heard my gran, my aunt my daughter! Thank you!”

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