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There are Two Roads to Woodley
(working title/work-in-progress)

Photos: Nuala Shaar

Writer/Performer: Afreena Islam-Wright

Director/Dramaturg: Julia Samuels

Work-in-Progress originally shared at Home, Manchester (March 24)

There are two roads into Woodley, where Afreena lives with her husband Martin and their small children.

One goes through Hyde, past Banoful বনফুল, Asalamoalaikum Cafe, and Ahmed Cash and Carry. The other goes through Bredbury, past St Marks Church, The Crown, The Woodley Arms, The Navigation until it reaches Afreena’s local, The White Hart. Depending on where her head’s at, Afreena drives one way or the other.

There are Two Roads to Woodley is a collage of passed down traditions, pub quiz questions, and maybe even karaoke – join Afreena as she tries to work out who will have her, and which route to take on her way home tonight.


There are Two Roads to Woodley was a work-in-progress sharing of Afreena’s latest work, a culmination of a year-long exploration of her practice as part of the At HOME with Jerwood Residency 2023.

We are now developing the show for a future tour.

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